Getting Help For Emergency Dental Trauma

There are certain dental issues that call for seeing the emergency dentist Rockville MD residents trust. Problems with the teeth sometimes have to be handled delicately because of the soft tissues in the mouth. Injuries are also more challenging to heal since the are in the mouth and people still have to eat, talk, and breathe. Knowing what to do if there is trauma related to the teeth can make a big difference in whether the tooth can be saved. Because the gums are constantly exposed to germ and a wound might stay open, there is potential for developing an infection.

Infection in the gums is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to 24-hour emergency dental care. It is common for an infection in the gums to travel to other parts of the body and caused extensive health problems. The first sign of an infection in the mouth or near a tooth is probably a small pus filled pimple-like sore spot. It is usually accompanied by serious pain and is not likely to go away on its own. To keep the infection from spreading, rinsing out the mouth, especially the infected area with warm salt water, will help pull the pus and infection to the surface. A common problem that causes a lot of pain and might require a tooth extraction is an abscess. This is when the infection develops under the tooth in the root and there is almost no way to heal it except to remove the tooth and treat it topically.

As painful and difficult as an abscess can be, it is not as common as a broken or knocked out tooth. These are some of the most common issues in emergency dentist Rockville families experience. As long as people act quickly though, it does not have to be permanent. In the case of a knocked out tooth, the recommendation is to hold it by the exposed crown, and not the root, and rinse it off. If it will fit back in place easily, dentists recommend sliding the knocked out tooth back into place, as long as patients make sure it is facing the right way.

The 24 hour emergency dental care Rockville MD locals prefer says this is the best way to save the tooth. If it will not fit back in, it is essential to get to an emergency dentist as they can save the tooth if they see the patient within an hour of the tooth being knocked out. The best way to transport the tooth is either in a small cup of milk, or in a little salt. Prevention is always the best choice, but sometimes there are emergencies that are unavoidable.


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